I had the 'up to 12 week' Brocato Straitening System done on June 30th. My hair is curly on one side - wavy on another and straight and breaking in others. I followed the instructions the stylist gave and didn't wash my hair for 3 days and use sulphate-free shampoo.

But the bottom line this is a Chemical treatment that lightens your hair, which means it's damaging you hair on some level so no matter what the stylist says it's NOT going to improve your hair. There is no Keratin in this product at all. I don't recommend it and all i did was waste money which is an issue but it's caused damage and hair breakage, which is the very thing I was trying to stop and this did more than any blowdryer and flat iron could have done in 3 months.

Both Brocato and Ulta should take this off the market it is a bad product and terrible service to offer.

I wrote this review in hopes that someone would read it and might not ruin their hair. I love my curls but my hair was too short for them and now this caused an inch to be cut and it's still breaking. The added toner is to hide the damage the product causes.

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