i was taking Loestren for a few months after having irregular in period for 3 months straight and from the switch from Ortho Tri Cyclen-Lo and the Loestren i loss a lot of scalp hair. so i had to stop it completely and haven't been on it and the loss patches are growing back better.it's just upsetting because i do have bad cramps and clotting and there aren't many options left for me and we dont want to do an iud because we dont know how it will affect my already unbalanced fertility since i have had a history of cyst and bad cramps and clotting and a miscarriage and a family history of high risk pregnancies.

So it was sad to have to chose for now bc or my hair.
but heres a site with a list and more info on BC and hair side effects by the American Hair Loss Association.
American Hair Loss Association - Women's Hair Loss / Oral Contraceptives

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BC- 7-11-2011
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