I was able to see my Grandpa celebrate his 105th birthday in good health with his family, and at his church and his home. That means so much to him!

We are closing on a house in DC in the next week and we found a trusted renter for our current house in MD, without having to go through listing and searching for a tenant. Our new house is within a two mile radius of my office, Dia's middle school, and our church. Once DaNa's office moves to its new location, he will also be a straight shot and about 15 minutes from his office.

I am constantly amazed by the talented people I am blessed to work with!

My participation in an online forum led me to talented twin teenagers who've begun writing and illustrating children's poems for the new curriculum we're creating. Their work is fantastic and their mom is so sweet/responsive - she's even referring us to other people now! We have been getting some really great work back from everyone, but it's so awesome how blessings can come from unlikely places!
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No way is she in middle school already! I still think of her like your avatar!

Those are all awesome things - I especially like the 105 year old grandpa, but they're all great!

Mine: baby is starting to take the bottle when I'm at work - he'll drink 4 oz or so in a day which is not enough but better than nothing and sets my mind at ease.
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