[/QUOTE]Of course it's true! For example, how many pure asian girls do you know who have curly hair? I know none. It's all about genetics, I know, shocking! Curly genes are more common in certain ethnicities. It s not a stereotype or generalization, it's a scientific fact.[/QUOTE]
^ (i hope I got the quote thing right, I hardly post on this website)

my whole family are pure south indians,& we all have curly/wavy hair !
& me, my mum and my baby brother have 3b curly hair.

my dad and my 2 sisters have 2b wavy hair.
actually, I think everyone on my dad's side has 2b hair,
and only just one more 3b on my mum's side; my grandma.

pure asians can have curly hair too! ;D
also, i'm in India , for the first time, on holiday.
I noticed almost everyone here has 2a/b/3a hair.
I saw a few 3b girls too, too bad everyone here brushes out their hair dry

p.s. the sun & humidity is killingggg me. I think I may die soon.
holy crap.