This is the thread that made me want to go CG. I am so glad I made this decision! I am just over 1 month in and my curls are much more defined and less frizzy. I had straightened my hair ever since I figured out how to do it back in my early teens.

The first pic is my straight hair. This was how it was just about every day for probably 15 years. It was many, many different colors in those 15 years though!

The second pic is my first day without the straightening iron. I still use a blow dryer to diffuse because it just takes too long for my hair to air dry. I went CG probably about 2 weeks after this second pic.

The last 2 pics are me about a week ago, probably 1 month post CG. I think it is funny that I am wearing the same shirt (work attire!) and that my dog is laying in the same place on the bed. She has a routine and is always there while I am getting ready! I really love that I do not have to sweat styling my hair in this 100+ degree weather anymore! I have decided to stop coloring because I can tell that it has definitely affected my curl pattern. I have some highlighted pieces that are almost straight :/