Hi everyone,

I stumbled upon this website about 2 days ago after I made the conscience decision to go natural. I came to this decision after I had been researching ways to treat my hair without damaging it any more than it was already. You see I switched birth control methods about 4 months ago which caused me to have a great deal of hair shedding. It was last week that I discovered that the culprit was my birth control. In the past if I ever experienced any type of breakage I would simply get a hair cut and nurse my hair back to health. However, since I am losing hair from the root a haircut just won't do. Out of fear of losing even MORE hair I decided to just stay away from the relaxers for a while. That was until 2 days ago when I figured that its been two months since my last relaxer (which is out of the norm) so why stop now, why not just go natural? Reading the posts has been really inspirational but I still have quite a few questions:

1. What are some products that help to keep natural hair manageable (soft & moisturized)?
2. How long does the process usually take?
3. How often should I cut my relaxed ends if I'm not doing the BC?
4. Would a weave sew in be a good idea for a transitioning style? (the birth control made the hair around the crown of my head fall out so twists are out of the question)
5. Any suggestions on making this a smooth and successful transition?