I'm not doin well at all. I'm driving home tomorrow from a very stressful job so I will be good to go when I get home. Start over or continue? Idk...

Well lets say continue in the mean time & we can take a vote. It kinda seems like most of us have fallen off Lol so if everyone wants we can start the challenge over. However I say continue in the mean time so that no matter what you still have gotten your goals off to a jump start. I mean its really about the consistency anyway rt?!

So do we all want to start the challenge over? I'll give everyone a few days to respond.

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Originally Posted by caramelove
Unfortunately, I missed this post, and too late to join but you all are very inspiring! Good luck everyone.
Originally Posted by curlypearl
Well curly you can always join at anytime! Some time in is better than none rt?

[QUOTE=curlykristx;1727685]i have done well with drinking my water, switching frm soda to green tea and smaller portions all around.

other than that kids have been sick so exercise has been close to none,i know its terrible.

im also having an issue because ive been trying to watch my carbs but as a mom of 3 its hard to come up with meals that work for everyone and cooking something different for myself isnt really within my budget.
..dunno how to work it out.[/QUOTE]

How about instead of completely cutting them out of your diet how about focusing on portion control? You can prepare healthier yet tasty versions of the same meals (spaghetti squash or wheat pasta instead of regular pasta for example) for your family and just cut your normal portions in half. That way your still only cooking 1 meal, still eating the same thing as your family but just less of it.

Maybe you could also keep fruits, veggies, salad,etc around as a standby so in case you don't want what everyone else is having you always have a cheap healthy snack available for you as well as your family.

Besides its never too early to start having children make healthier food choices in a world full of fast food joints!
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