[QUOTE=silverbeth;1727913]Thanks so much for this information. I saved the recipe. I used to use a blue shampoo but it had sulfates so no more. Barbarosa--your silver curls are beautiful! This is what I am hoping for. When I transitioned to gray I always used rollers and a blow dryer to straighten my hair. I'm so excited to now be silver and naturally curly.[/QUOTE

Congratulations Silverbeth! So happy for you for making the decision to go completely natural. Thanks for your kind words. It is so much easier this way. Your hair is going to be so healthy too.
I kept getting frequent cuts during the transition but now I'm trying for little more length. The curls seem to be less tight when there's length. Last hair dresser wanted to keep it "age appropriate" but that's alot of nonsense. Good luck in your adventure. You're gonna love it!