Hey curlies!

I started the curly girl method about a month ago now. Right before I discovered it, I had been planning on dying my hair. I want to get an auburn with blonde highlights. (I'm naturally all blonde right now) and I had made an appointment with my friend who does hair, but canceled because I thought it would ruin my hair.

I just now for some reason, realized there's the coloring your hair forum, So I decided to hop on over.

My question being, if I get my hair profressionaly done and don't box color at all, is that safer? I've always heard it's better for your hair so I did it. In the past I'd use box color if I couldn't afford to get it done at the time. However, now that I'm concerned about my hair being more healthy and trying to keep it all natural as possible.. color is scaring me. Should I go for it and make the appointment again, or just adapt to not coloring my hair at all?


Here's my hair after doing CG for a few weeks, HUGE changes for me. I don't want to ruin it..but I'm sick of my color.

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