I know many people have already said some of these but here are my top 5:

"Your hair is so poofy" (As one user said before, this comment is completely uncalled for. I don't think you would take it too well if someone called your straight hair limp or lifeless.)

"Why don't you straighten your hair more often?/Your hair would look really pretty straight" (Ahem, is my naturally curly hair not good enough? I'm not sure if this makes it worse, but a lot of the time this comment comes from my friends. Though I'm pretty positive they did not intend for it to be offensive, it gets on my last nerve)

"I can't see because of your big hair."

"Dang, your hair is nappy" (This comment came from someone who actually has hair just like me, if not curlier, they just keep it straight.)

"Awww, your hair is curly again. What happened to it being nice and neat." (That's not exactly what they said but it was along the lines of that. Either way, it was especially hurtful. I struggle with my curly hair enough as it is. It's kind of ironic though because this comment came from someone who was bald. Haha. At least I have hair.)

I have to say though, reading all the other user's comments is kind of nice. It's good to know you're not the only one whose had to deal with these situations.