So, pretty much all "rake and shake" is... detangling. So, yes, I recommend detangling your hair. lol

More more specifically, I recommend using a paddle brush instead of your fingers. I'm sorry, but I don't consider the girl demonstrating that technique on the video a curly, and you have to be careful about what kinds of videos you watch. If you need help and advice, only people with your hair type are reliable sources of information. Why? Because they know almost exactly what you're going through. It's hard to ask a 2a what to do with 3c hair and vice versa.

As for leave ins, I recommend using KCKT. I also use KCCC. How long is your hair?

This is what has been working for my just above shoulder length (unstretched) 3c hair:
1. Once a week, I sulfate free shampoo and deep condition (with organic shea butter).
2. I always rinse my hair with cold water to seal it.

Then if I'm doing a wash and go, I:
3. dump a palmful of KCKT in my hair, and then rub a palmful of KCCC through my hair.
4. I comb it all through with my paddle brush. (BTW, The paddle brush is KEY to defining curls. Mine actually get a little too defined. Try it- take your fine tooth comb if you have one, and gently glide it through a small wet section of your hair. If your hair is like mine, it coils like a madman.)
Or, if I'm doing a twist out, I:
3. Dump a palmful of KCKT in my hair, distributing it evenly.
4. Divide my hair into 12 sections
5. Comb each section with my paddle brush, and then apply KCCC before twisting it all up.

I repeat the steps 3-4(5) as needed during the rest of the week. Recently, I'd discovered that my hair may be a fan of protein, but I'm still working on confirming this.

Due to this technique, I'm currently on day 3 twist-out curls. Haven't felt the need to re-do them.

Hope this helps!
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