By now, most people on the hair boards know about the wonderful leave-in recipe from Kimmaytube.

But I have a question: are all the ingredients in the leave-in actually necessary?

If the KCKT and oils have pHs of 7 (which doesn't help or harm the hair), and the aloe vera juice has a pH of 4.0-4.5 (which is what actually closes the hair's cuticles), then couldn't you just remove the KCKT and oils altogether and just use the aloe vera juice with a pH of 4.0-4.5?

If the AVJ is the ingredient that actually closes the hair's cuticles, then the other ingredients just seem to be fillers for the leave-in concoction and not actually necessary, so couldn't you just use the AVJ alone (as a daily spritz or something) and just seal with your favorite butter/oil (or whatever)?
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I say do what makes your hair happy. I am a product junkie and have tried numerous products and this recipe seemed like it is the only one keepig my hair moisturized. I think using Aloe Vera by itself would make my hair dry, in fact I know it would. But do what makes your hair happy.