Her leave-in recipe is working for my hair. I've been consistently using it for about 3 months? Prior to that, I was already using the Knot Today as a leave in and sealing with castor oil. That was working decent but when I added the aloe juice and jojoba oil I automatically noticed that my hair was smoother and stayed moisturized longer. Honestly, I could probably just get away with a K.I.S.S regimen now that I have this leave in. I don't even really need any stylers. I've been using the leave in for my braid outs and twist outs. I don't do wash n' go's at all really. Of course I will probably continue to try other things now and then... to feed my PJ-ism!

I was retaining length just fine before using the leave in and I'm still doing so. I'm not into length checks and what-not so I don't know how much growth I've had since using it. *shrugs*

I was curious about the ph of hair products before Kim made videos about it. Elucence products were the first products I used that had their ph listed on the bottles. Then I heard Lisa Akbari emphasize hair ph as well on her radio show.
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i can relate to a lot of your post, especially the bolded. i use the shea moisture organic raw shea butter deep treatment masque as my conditioner base with good results. i use castor oil and avocado oil as my oils. i have some ph strips. i'll use them to check the ph.
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