I like the concoction. I substituted castor oil for olive and it does just fine. My hair is very tangly and I really think the aloe is what made the difference. Now my twists just fall apart without the hairs catching on each other when I wear twist outs. So I think the aloe is what makes the difference. I have other moisturizers, like Qhemet BRBC that may leave my hair softer. But that aloe juice is the business!

Also AVJ is a great detangler! I had about 5 products and gel hardened in my hair. I saturated my dry hair with the aloe, and the tangles literally disappeared! Very little hair came out and this was 6 day hair!
3c/4a, low porosity
Detangler: Whole leaf AVJ
Shampoo: Kinky Curly Come Clean
Rinse Out Conditioners: Trader Joe Nourish Spa or V05 MM
Leave In Conditioner: KCKT, Elucence MB
Deep Conditioner: Add honey and olive oil to any conditioner
Moisturizers: QB Burdock Root or Amla Heavy Oil
Stylers: Kinky Curly Curling Custard, Eco Custard (eco styler gel + olive oil), Jane Carter Curl Cream
Oils: Olive, jojoba, coconut
Butters: NONE!