I'm new to the curly world. I stopped using a relaxer 5 years ago. I still cover my gray at the roots. I've flat ironed my hair for the last 5 years weekly. A month ago I stopped flat ironing my hair and started the CG method. I got a Deva Cut and I have been co-washing, leaving in conditioning daily and deep conditioning weekly.

I'm starting to see good curl definition on the canopy and under the back of my neck but the back of my hair in the middle under a few curls is full on Frizz. Its like there are curls on top and frizz under the curls then curls again...like a sheeps wool.

I might have a different curl pattern there but I'm not sure if its that or I'm using the wrong products?

Anyone have issues with some areas having curls and some having frizz?

How did you tame the frizz when is focused in one area?

~ Julie


3b/3c - wavy with some curls
co-wash - Skala shea butter conditioner
Oil - Amla and coconut oil
Leave in - Cantu Shea butter
Deep Conditioner - Vatika olive oil