I guess I'm the odd woman out. I don't like rake and shake. I prefer SMOOTH and SHAKE. I have combo hair (3c/3b S curls..my hair doesn't coil so I don't know if that's why rake and shake doesn't work for me or not) so all raking does is leave me with a bunch of puffed out waves. I don't prefer that look.

So what I do is if I'm using a gel or cream..is do what the girl in the video did but I SMOOTH the product from roots to tips between my two hands. I don't rake. Then I hold by the ends and shake like the lady in the video. Air dry, hooded dryer, or diffuse.

I get better clumped curls that way..and I'm looking less wavy.
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I have a very similar hair type (combo 3b/3c S curls), and I recently tried the rake and shake method. It didn't work for me as well as it did for others (though it might have been because my hair was too tangled at the time, so I will have to continue experimenting with it). I'll tried the smooth and shake method as you suggested, since we have very similar hair textures it might work better than the rake and shake for me. Thanks for the advice!