I have the same issue. When my hair dries, the only bit of frizz is at the back & it poofs out nearly horizontal thru my curls. It's so ratty

When I use Leave in (LI) condish, I too put a lil' extra over that area. I use SM LI/Naked Miracle worker or some DT/intense conditioner.

I always need to put gel over that area to tame it down cuz it's like the hair belongs to someone else - it just doesn't look like the rest if my hair

I use Low poo/then DT overnight at least once a week.

I brush my hair with a denman brush whenever i wash/co-wash always with condish (Tresemme natural smooth). The back always seems to be more entangled then the rest of my head of hair. so I'm just really careful with it brushing ever so gently so it doesn't break.

Since I've been using a DT/intense condish as a LI - it's gotten a lot better. My hair all round is a looking so much more healthy ...