My dad is Cape Verdean ( and African island that was colonized by Portugal) and my mom is Wampanoag Native American and African American, but I consider my self just black. EVERYONE I know thinks I'm mixed, and what I'm mixed w/ changes with how I wear my hair. I've gotten Hawaiian, Cambodian, "Blasian", of course half white, Dominican, Brazilian, any other South American country, Indian (from India) or Native American if I wear my hair straight, pretty much I can "pass" for any type of brown mixture. It's mostly because of my hair and I have a very straight narrow nose. Being from THREE backgrounds that have all been in close contact with Europeans it would NOT surprise me if I found out I had any percentage of European in me. But I would still not see my self as "biracial". Any ancestors that are European in my family are long gone so I don't feel I have to acknowledged them or see myself as biracial because of them. I think it's funny when people get confused by my race and let it roll of my back. Sometimes I even play along
BC ~ August 2010 ~ GOAL ~ hip/tail bone length
Current Length: 12 inches
3b/3c VERY naturally porous hair

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