Yea mamaherrera!! A hair twin!

To be honest, it was a decent starting point but I don't think the recommendations on my hair analysis were very helpful.

I have high density hair and very strong curl pattern. My hair isn't easily weighed down so I have no problem with heavy emollients. It's also very very dry - esp the ends which tend to dry out and split easily. So, I've been using (and looking for new) rich conditioners. On top of that, I have actually been experimenting with oils the last few weeks and did an oil rinse this morning and it feels pretty good.

That said, my roots do get somewhat flat because I have greasy scalp but I don't like big hair so I don't mind the top half of the hair being a bit weighed down.

I started by lo-pooing 1x per week but lately with the gross summer weather we're having (sticky, sweaty, humid) and the fact that I use more "sticky" products to prevent frizz - I've been washing once every 4 days or so with a co-wash in between. Winter I think I'll go back to 1x per week.

DermOrganic conditioner - I got it from amazon. It has great reviews but it smells kind of medicinal and it was a bit expensive. I don't think I will be buying it again - thinking of getting AO GPB next time.

What products have you tried that worked for you? Or that didn't?
3B curls
Medium texture
Normal elasticity
High porosity