Forgive me, I dont want to step on any toes, and I am extremely new at this (just became a member today) but, I saw how many people hate their hair touched and I had to chime in.
I actually really like it when people "boing" my hair, with or without warning, so long as they dont hurt me. Lots of people have, and frankly I love when i see how happy it makes them. I have 3a/b hair, and it's kinda frizzy sometimes, but it's really soft and everyone I know loves to play with it.
I understand what you mean when it's compared to touching a pregnant woman's baby bump, but I guess it doesnt translate for me. I'd be more protective of my baby than my hair.
Maybe I'm just de-sensetized to my hair being touched, because it seems to fascinate my friends to no end, but i don't see why y'all are so upset by it.
Again, I do deeply apologise if I've stepped on any toes, but I had to comment.