I scrunch out some of the water, scrunch LI, scrunch in mousse, scrunch in gel. Then squeeze out as much water as I can with my microfiber towel and scrunch a bit with it also. I use to tell people when they would ask about my hair "it's not naturally curly or straight, it's just naturally nappy" lol I didn't know I could have hair like this, thanks to CG it is very very "wurly"
2b , waves and some spirals
Med/Fine Texture, Normal Porosity, Low Elasticity

Sulfate/Silicone Free Since Jan 2011

Low Poo- CJ Curl Assurance, SM Moisture Retention Shampoo
RO - Y2C, CJ Beauticurls, GVPCB, SM Restorative Conditioner,
Stylers- Homemade FSG, KCC, BRHG
HG Techniques- Spritz and Condish, Icequeen method, plopping