Yes I appreciate you sharing your own knowledge. you know when I started getting products to try I got so excited, but had no itdea about dewpoints, I live in NM, where it's usually dry as heck, but recently it's been humid, dewpoints at 58-60. I need to try maybe raking, but yes with wet hair, because like I said in the curls towards the ends, there's just a ratnest in there, and before I tried going CG with no cones, and natural products like aloe, I didn't have quite this mess. Thanks for brainstorming with me. Hopefully we find somethign that works for me.
Medium texture
Normal porosity
Normal elasticity
can get weighed down with lots of oils
Co-wash-trying giovanni wellness
Rinse out: Garnier Body Boost, GVP
Leave-in: none right now, maybe a touch of SM curling souffle
Curl enhancer: AOMM and KCCC
Gel: Kiss my face gel
Low Poo: abba pure and natural, Giovanni Wellness
working on: getting rid of frizz from the get-go