I know - I thought going CG would automatically lead to healthy hair. I didn't realize it would have such a big learning curve

Check out the high porosity boards for mroe details on dews and humectants but the general rule I remember is that you shouldn't use humectants in dews under 35 (will dry your hair out even more) or over 50-60 (it will cause frizz).

Aloe is a maybe but it doesn't work for me in high dews so I am assuming it's not a good idea in winter either. That said - my LI does have aloe as the 2nd ingredient. But I top it off with a anti-humectant pomade so it reduces frizz effect. Plus my gel is supposed to prevent frizz too.

I would defintiely avoid the KCCC until you have more appropriate dews - it not only has aloe but also had agave nectar which is also a humectant.

Oh - they are usually ok in your rinse outs as long as you rinse well.

If you don't mind the protein - Giovanni makes a bunch of humectant free or low-humectant products and they are cheap on vitacost.com

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