Thanks for reviving this old thread! I just got done reading the whole thing -- and had so many "ah ha!" moments and laughs of recognition!

I'm turning 40 in a few weeks, and have always thought that I had straight hair that was just poufy and full of cowlicks. I've always HATED my hair, and started keeping it cut super short (pixie cuts) in high school and college. The longest it ever got was a few inches past my ears in a short bob, and then I'd have to flat iron to try to get it to behave.

Last year, my stylist encouraged me to grow it out -- and I discovered my waves! I found this website and the CG method back in December 2010 -- and it has seriously changed my life! My hair has actual waves in it, and friends and work colleagues ask me all the time if I've had it permed. I have never, ever liked my hair before -- and now I actually LOVE it and get compliments all the time on it!

That being said, I still have felt like an impostor since I have to work so hard to get the wave in. With no product or technique, it dries pretty much in soft beach waves, and if I don't put in tons of BRGH, it gets really straight by the second or third day.

It's so great to read threads like these! I appreciate this site and all the great ideas so much!
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