Gosh I got asked that question so much when I first went to college. Coming from a predominantly black/hispanic/west indies region (I was raised in so fla which is just one big melting pot) I was never asked that cuz everyone had something in them from various Caribbean ancestors. Once I got around a more diverse region (i.e with more Caucasians and Asians lol) I guess the curiosity stemmed from the fact that I'm light-skinned, have high cheekbones, speak good English (ahem, the oreo stereotype), and have always had really long hair (both when I was relaxed and now that I'm natural).

My answer is always the same, "Nope. I'm black, just black." Never seems to be enough cuz there are always follow-up questions like "Are you sure? What about back in your mom's or dad's side? You have to something else in you!"

What, am I some puzzle you just gotta solve or something?! Why can't I just be black? If you really gotta know my mom is lt skinned black (probably from her mother's dominican/chinese side) and my dad is peanut butter brown. Either way I'm still black.

The question I really hate sometimes though is, "Where are you from?" My family's from Haiti but whenever I tell ppl that they automatically assume I'm lying. (Who would lie about being from the poorest country in the western hemisphere anyway??) Like Haitians can't be light-skinned or educated. Hmm, the nerve of ppl. Do they not know that most Caribbean islands were once European colonies so there are even native "white" ppl in those places? Ppl either need to brush up on their history or take a blow to the head to clear up that kinda ignorance

End rant, sorry lol
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