someone confirm this for me please. I didn't read the entire thread cuz it's long. But yes, my son always grabs that hair, hugs me on my hair and I can hear it breaking and it hurts. But then I thought, some curly-hair girls seem to have such beautifully clumped hair that it seems like you could run your fingers through their hair? Is it true and mine is just nappy?? cuz when I want to run my fingers through my hair, no way, tangles everywhere. Is that normal in a curly/wavy girl, or am I still not getting the CG routine down, because it is nappy under there???
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Um, if you're nappy than what am I lol? The only time I can run my fingers through my hair is when it's perfectly straight and brushed out. I think that's typical of curlies though and as long as you can run a comb thru it w/out much breakage then you're fine. I've even tried to run my hands thru my friends' heads with str8 hair but my hair gets tangled in those too! So maybe it's not just us curlies. Maybe only shampoo models have super strokable hair? Either way touching my hair too much gives me the frizzies so my policy is always HANDS OFF PLZ. Lol
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