Question... What do you use to exfoliate your face? I just wash my face with African black soap right now--but I would like to do some deep cleaning once in awhile. Also, deodorant recommendations? I'm going to Whole Foods soon and I wanted to try something more natural (normal deodorants make my armpits black).

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i consider myself to be quite green with personal care.

i use the oil cleansing method with just jojoba oil to clean my face and neck.

to exfoliate, i use a bathcloth and warm water. even a soft bathcloth offers enough friction to rub off dead, flaky skin. the key is to first loosen the dead skin. i also exfoliate my face with my bare hands while in the shower after the warm, steamy water has loosened the dead skin. the circular motions of my fingers across my face rubs off the dead skin and putting my face under the shower stream washes the dead skin away.

once a month, i do a green clay mask after my period is gone to help draw out any toxins and dry up any lone whiteheads that were produced that week.

at night, i let my skin breath by not putting anything on it, unless i have a blemish that i spot treat with a drop of jojoba oil.

deodorant? LOLOLOLOL in my circle of close friends, they know that this topic has been an obsession of mine for well over a decade. i have tried virtually every "natural" deodorant and homemade armpit concoction with no success. either my underarm skin reacted to it, or it was too weak to work as a deodorant even for 3 hours straight.

i used lafe's a long time ago, but don't think it was a roll-on and remember it lasting about 2 weeks before failing on me. i may try their roll-on version to see if it can work for me all day. what i am using now is the crystal roll-on that i have to reapply at work around the 1:30 hour mark. which is fine. i just keep a sample size in my desk and touch up.

i'm not a heavy sweater, so i don't mind feeling moistness under my arms, i just don't want to smell anything offensive. i don't mind smelling sweat; i just don't want to smell like hotdogs with chili and onions!

baking soda worked on the odor, but inflamed my skin and left discoloration that is still not totally gone, and i experimented with that about 11 years ago! and cutting it with cornstarch didn't help.
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