Wow, all the darn "curl anxiety" makes me sad.
Wavy is wavy.
Wavy is not an inadequate curl, a wave is a loose curl - an impressionistic curl. Botticelli painted waves! Venus de Milo? Wavy! (you know, the naked woman on the half-shell painting)
We don't look at the ocean and say, well those waves aren't very curly.
Wavy is undulating hair, it curves, it wraps around itself sometimes. It bends and has movement and bounce and shine.
Waves can be worn as waves. They're good enough as is.

What we need is a whole paradigm for waves. "WG" if you like!
I have been meaning for a while to start collecting pictures of wavy hair - I'll put them on my blog as I go because I think we need to reassure ourselves that waves are a real hair texture and there are many kinds of waves and they're all wavylicious.

Hugs for wavies!