My question is this…is it realistic to eat Low carb/low sugar AND count calories? Or is it better to pick just one and stick strictly to that?
I don’t want to do a low fat diet…I’m always hungry which makes me always grumpy…plus I don’t want all of the artificial sweeteners that come with low fat foods….I typically eat low carb/sugar and I’ve really been working on getting more protein…but everything seems to be higher in calories this way.

I am working on trimming up (building muscle) and maybe dropping 10 lbs….
(and yes, I realize that I should cut processed foods as much as possible....but with my schedule right now it's not always an option)

Everyone keeps telling me to count calories…but I still want to keep it low carb/sugar… that possible? What would I be eating if I did?

The more I type this post the more convoluted it seems…ugh. I hope this makes sense to someone out there!!