You will look great with red hair The pics you've included look like a level 4-5 red violet or "mahogany" color. If you change your mind often, you could use a semi or demi permanent color, since you only need to deposit. Your natural color is actually pretty light, so you don't need permanent as no "lifting" is required. If however, you want the color to be super vibrant and intense- permanent color would make it pop more. Good luck! Post pictures when you do it!
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Pretty much what she said!
And as far as the mind-changing thing, I agree that semi/demi would be best (I'm a frequent color changer myself). My friend Amber has hair that is naturally nearly platinum blonde and to get a red like that one she always dyes first with a perfect 10 brown and then creates a red glaze with manic panic rock'n'roll red. I wish you the best in your hair coloring decision!
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