Hmm... I see. I actually tried the Baking Soda mask and completely forgot about it. How often do you recommend that I should do it? Once a week?

As for deodorant...Maybe I can try to find an unscented one. The one I was using works pretty well I think. But I also just bought an epilator so hopefully that'll make the "darkness" go away. Or I can try exfoliating my armpits with lemon juice?

Also, this is about food. I love yogurt, I really do... But I absolutely HATE the yogurts that they sell at grocery stores. Most if not, all are no sugar and taste like crap. And if it's not no sugar, it's all watery and disgusting. I was looking to go to Whole Foods to try a nice brand of yogurt (with sugar). Any recommendations? And the best tasting one. I just can't stand runny and disgusting tasting yogurt. I simply cannot and will not digest aspartame!