Hello my curly lovelies!

I've always had natural hair (my mom scared me away from relaxers), but I've always straightened my hair until the past few year or so. I think my hair is somewhere between 3b-4a, or a mix. Not too sure. I Co wash with Kinky Curly Knot Today and use Mixed Chicks leave in.

But I have a few questions...

1. What hair type am I really?

2. I'm considering getting a cut. Will a deva cut or long layers work better... I straighten my hair a few weeks in the year and want it to have a nice shape when curly, but not look crazy when I straighten it

3. I've also considered a keratin treatment to tame some frizz and make my hair more manageable. Has anyone that has done this experienced curl loss? I just want my frizz gone but keep my curls.

Any help/comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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