I know guys who complain about their girlfriends not letting them touch their hair because it's a weave, corn-rose, or relaxed and express their love for "white girl hair" and their ability to touch "white" hair and I'm like, "Touch my hair and your life is over. Try me."
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LOL That's too funny!

We were camping last weekend, so of course my hair was a mess the whole entire time. But anyhow, the day we left I had washed my hair and it was down of course, so this one girl over and was like playing with my hair...I literally came unglued. Cause you know it's the worse time to touch the hair....while it's wet. haha

There are these 5 little girls that go to my church, and whenever my hair is down they like to play with it and run their fingers through it. It makes me so mad! And it's so funny cause they don't believe that it's natural, they think I curl it, cause they saw me with it straight a few times, so they are quite certain that it's curled. haha
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