Thanks for all the encouragement everyone! Sometimes I get these crazy ideas and have no idea if they'd really work or not so it's nice to get outside opinions lol.

I figured I could get away with a demi/semi, but to be honest those never wash out of my hair anyway. I've had more luck with my hair staying healthier and retaining color longer with those, which I think is due to the permanents lifting color like others said, and then it leaching out over time. I'm already pretty porous naturally and because of some old highlights, but I'd like to minimize that if I can by using a demi/semi.

Anyone have any experience going this color themselves? I'd be too afraid to use manic panic as it is so vibrant, and I'm looking for more of a violet red, not so much a really warm intense red.

I'm totally posting pics when I do this. I have to keep researching different methods and dyes first! =)
Wurly, fine, thin, moderately to heavily porous. Mod CG.