I don't have any honey in the house, but I do have Molasses. will this give the same results? My hair is already dark, so I don't mind . What will happen if I add it to my spritz bottle? Will it mix, or sink to the bottom? I only use distilled water on my head, so I don't have an unlimted supply of water, as most people do. Thus, I have to be very judicious about experimenting sine every time I wash it means lugging 2 gallons of water 300 yards form my car to my Condo. (NO, I Can't park any closer!)
I'd like to try Molasses first, since I already have it. Please help!
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your gonna have to shake it heaps every time u need to use it so t emulsifies properly, otherwise all the molasses/honey will be at the bottom. they give they same results, but your hair might only like one of the two