My go-to 2nd, 3rd, 4th day hair refresher is CJ Smoothing Lotion. I keep a back-up bottle, cause I use this on the go, too. Like when I know I'm out of the house all day, I have a small container I got at MAC for pigments, and I keep about an ounce or two in there for refreshing hair when out of the house.

CJ CCCC Lite works well as a refresher, but for me, not as good as the CJ SL.

SS Curl Enhancing Jelly works great, to as a hair refresher. It reclumps and adds some moisture and shine.

Those are the ones I use the most.

I suggest you try any leave ins you have at home. Any good CG leave-in conditioner should also be able to double as a refresher. How well it acts as such varies. I have used the CJ Beauti-Curls as a Refresher, and it works, just not as good as the Smoothing Lotion or the CEJ.

Try the stuff you have...see what might work. It just needs to be runny enough/not too thick, so you can smooth it between your hands then slick back and scrunch in hair.

A watered down bit of gel has worked for me, too, especially the SS FHG and the CJ Curl Queen (best refreshing gel, imo, as it has moisturizing properties and gives amazing shine.)

Might wanna try serums, too, if you have any handy. CJ Curls in a Bottle is worth a shot if you own any.
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