I've been scanning the boards for anyone that's had their wavy/curly locks cut DRY. I'd like to know your experience with it. Did it turn out better or worse than a wet cut? My last haircut was just so-so and I'm looking into going to someone that's experienced with cutting hair dry. I know Ms. Massey believes in this cutting technique for us curlies. But I'm not a full curly, my canopy is just wavy with the underneath having the most spirals...would this be a good option for me?

Any one wanting to express their experience(s) with a dry hair cut, please post, or lead me where others have posted in the past.

2a/2b canopy 3a/3b underneath
Modified CG, co wash diluted VO5, LOVE Elucence MBC & MBS! Activate's nice too.
Still looking for a styling product...suggestions welcome!