yea i was just reading i have been natural for a while and not doing anything i have length (just stumbled across this website not too long ago) so i just purchased castor oil wish weighed down my straight hair...i have naturally oily hair a quite contradiction to being curly so it went super straight after a night so im ready to wash it (its only been 2 days) and maybe i will give it a try

i may wait and see if this castor oil is going to help some im not all about length tho i just want healthy hair...

so who knows maybe next month i will give it a try or while im on vacation sorta in cali next week
"rest assured all things will be okay...pray and give thanks daily...he will never leave you nor forsake his arms you are blessed and at even when times are rough sleep quietly pray and be strong things will work out"

my hair has been through a lot of bad cuts and a lot of heat damage due to the desert but in two years time(when the cutting began) i am from ear length to bsb and still growing with two sl cuts last year god is good