I may have to try this now. Thanks for the info. So what's the deal though, you would apply it on your scalp like an oil? How often would you do it?
Originally Posted by Rusycurly
You mix it in an oil of your choice and apply it to your scalp as often as you'd like. When I did it I used it every other day. You have to be cognizant of your own sensitivities and scalp needs though.
Originally Posted by CocoT
Thanks so much for clarifying. I was thinking you would just apply this directly to the scalp with no oils. I'll be picking some up tomorrow and mix it with jojoba oil. So does it have to be the monistat or will any other yeast infection cream do?
Originally Posted by Rusycurly
You don't have to use that brand. I used the equate brand because it was cheaper. I don't remember other brands as I haven't used it in a long time.

I suggest using this with caution first go around though to gauge your sensitivities.
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