When I first started making Whipped Shea-Butter I was under the impression the more exotic the products and intricate the recipe the better the butter; wrong LOL!!! I've now learned to keep it simple with fewer ingredients, but, none the less effective. Here's one of my recipes for someone who's new to the art.

"Queen's Whipped Shea-Butter Recipe"

1 pound Raw Shea-Butter
1 TBS Panthenol
1TBS Silk Amino Acid
3/4 cup Veg. Glycerin
2 TBS Organic Raw Honey
1 TSP of Essential Oils of choice (optional)

Melt Shea-Butter in the Upper portion of a double boiler, place in a large mixing bowl and mix for 5-10 min. with an electric hand mixer, place bowl in the freezer for about 10 min mix again for 5-10 min, keep repeating this process until Shea-Butter has the consistency of whipped cream. Separately mix the Panthenol, SAA, Glycerin and Honey together well, then add them to the whipped Shea-Butter repeating the whipping process 2x more.. Enjoy!!!

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