....I can get away with? I should explain, my beloved husband (of 40+ years, so he's VERY beloved) is a wonderful man, but he's, well, the only word for it is CHEAP! So I can't go buying 20 different bottles and jars and pots of products. I need to work out a regimen of hair-care that won't break the bank. I made the mistake of buying Sally Beauty's HairOne with argan oil, only to get it home and find out it has silicone. AAARRRGH! All the conditioners I have (from my previous life) have silicone. I want to find a minimum number of products for caring for my somewhere between 2C and 3A hair. I'd be so grateful for any and all suggestions--oh, and I'm not averse to making products from scratch. I DO have a bottle of 100% pure argan oil, a bottle of pure, organic aloe vera gel, and a bottle of pure, organic sweet almond oil.. Thanks for all the help I know I will get here.