Ok girls - I'm really going to be changing up my look! I know I just went blonde a couple of months ago & have an appt. for roots on Saturday. HOWEVER . . . I want an edgier style.

I love my layers but was tired of the same way my front always looks (no bangs) - sometimes looks a little "conservative". So last evening I cut some long, sideswept bangs and took some more length off the top. I think this little change in style would look GREAT going back to the deep brown & put some chunky (either copper or caramel) highlights in the bang area.

What do you all think???

UPDATE: Okay so I'm in the middle of my little "makeover" here. I used Revlon medium brown color & it turned out great!!! Sometimes when I use a medium as opposed to light it sucks the color up to much, so I only left it on about 10-15 mins. Now I have the highlights timing in my bangs. I used the "styliste" again in toffee this time instead of caramel. The toffee is supposed to match w/ medium brown to dark brown as opposed to light - to - medium brown.

I'll post pics when it's finished