Sounds good. I only managed to lose 2 more pounds which is still cool and I'm thankful for it. Still doing the same except chilin now. Currently reading The 4 Hour Body and its very insightful and interesting. You brave goin outside to exercise its hot even at 630 when I go jog. If its not that early its a dvd.

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Lol. I was trying to wait till about 6:30 or 7 when the temp went down some but now I just do it whenever the mood hits me. I just throw on some sunblock & my big sun hat & go for it! Plus the extra sweating I do when the temps a little warmer makes me feel like I worked harder! Lol.

But yes, I sometimes switch up & do my dvds when I'm not wanting to go outside but nothing beats being out in the elements to me so the dvd has been on hold for a while now bc I just don't wanna be cramped up in the house all the time.
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