Dentist: So what year are you going into?
Me: Actually, I recently graduated. I'm out in the real world!
Dentist: Oh, so any college plans?
Me: *has to think a moment* Oh! I actually just graduated from college.
Dentist: What? Really??
Hygienist: You look so young!

This prompted me to share about the lady at the airport in South Dakota who checked my ID with a little light to see if it was real, which amused them, and they said, "Well, it's a good thing to look young, it's a compliment," and I agreed and said I'm going to love this when I'm thirty. It's so funny, I had no clue she wasn't talking about college at first - I just assumed!

I don't see there being enough difference between normal 16 and 22 year olds for people to be surprised when one looks like the other, but then, I have no hope of trying to guess people's ages. I've never cared, never tried and certainly never succeeded.

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