Hi curlies!

I was so excited to try the CG method after reading the famous book and reading the forums here. I bought all my products and started about one week ago. Here's what I did:

cowash: Suave Naturals Coconut
rinse-out: AO Honeysuckle Rose
leave-in: Kinky Curly KT
gel: LA Looks Sport Gel

The first day, I did my sulfate wash, then started the routine. My hair looked GORGEOUS. I mean my curls have never looked so good--defined, zero frizz, bouncy! A couple days later I did my cowash and started the routine again, feeling confident. The result? Lifeless, fuzzy hair. I'm pretty sure I did exactly the same thing as day one, except that I didn't sulfate wash of course. Still had some decent curl definition but so much frizz around it--bleh!

I tried plopping to see if that would improve things, but it only made my hair more frizzy. I'm not using any brushes/combs or towels (just a tshirt).

I even went out and bought Devacurl no-poo, One Condition, and Arc Angell thinking that these high-end products would yield the fabulous results I had day one. But NOPE - the same frizzy hair.

Did I just have beginner's luck, and is my hair destined to be a fuzzy mess? Has anyone else experienced this, and did they ever get back to the fabulous results they had day one? If so, HOW!

For the record I think I am 3b, corkicelli, pretty thick, medium/high porosity (?)