I have never done an ACV or anything... and I'm wondering if that would help before I did the deed?
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What's an ACV, please?
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Apple cider vinegar rinse??

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I have fine, resistant around the hairline grey/white(maybe 68% overall) I color light golden blnde,( am natural drker blnde)professionally. with a loreal, no ammonia product. I found glycerin pulls the golden(and I hear red) tones right out. So I ditched that,used a vinegar rinse,with light condish(usually Biolage condish balm over) ,within 1- 3 days, then dont co, or anything for 2-3 days. when I did all cowashingand no glycerine colot lasted all way (seamless regrowth, and I wear my hair back,a lot, no part) lasted me, no kidding , a day shy of 2 mo.'s. Had a hair shedding/falling problem, recently ,so tried some shampoos(derm organic argan, creme, no larther, and soem averda samples,lbut they contained glycerinep) and a glycerine styler,aveda said they use hi quality glycerine,and I love a redhead(slivola's) hair on this forum that uses it....bad move Im at a mo. with the most grey hair all over my hairline Ive seen in couple years ,So back to co.'s and no build up products, and maybe a biweekly watered down safe lopoo,mixed with a condioner in a squirt bottle to do scalp, followed by the vinegar.rinse(1-10 ratio) Vinegar acidifies, or closes the hair shaft, after an alkaline treatment, like color or shampoo,hence opens the shaft, color falls out. works on clothes too, for setting the dye, before washing!
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