Backround: First time here. Stick straight silky hair that wouldn't hold a curl during childhood. Both my mother and sister have curly hair so I was one of the only people with straight hair that didn't want curly hair because I saw how difficult and irritating it could be despite the beauty of it. Recently I heard a hair stylist say, "Whenever I see frizz I know that there is a curl begging for moisture." I thought to myself, "I have frizz could it really be curls?" and it turns out that somewhere along the way my hair had turned curly but i didn't know it because in my mind I had straight hair and I had been battling frizz instead of nourishing curl. The problem I have is that I don't have the same beautiful springy curl that maintains itself from top to bottom like my mom does. (Her hair is enviable and her hair is constantly mistaken for permed hair) So I have no idea what do with my hair.

I have tried the whole twisting/skipping technique but i think it looks silly and my hair isn't thick enough. I've tried scrunching. Diffusing etc etc. It just doesn't seem to work

I'm really hating my hair right now. It's not straight, not curly and it doesn't have a beautiful wave. Ugh. I need to find the right products but it seems like a never ending battle that I am losing. It's too heavy and weighed down. Or the hold is too strong and it's crunchy and/or doesn't allow my curl to form as it dries. It's flat or it's frizzy and on and on. (FYI I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week so I'm headed in the right direction)

I'm considering trying the Jessicurl products but I just don't know!?!

So first I need to know what type of curl/wave I have? I'm guessing somewhere in the 2b or 2c area but I'm really unsure. Please excuse the tired face and keep in mind that I just got my hair wet threw in whatever was around and allowed my hair to air dry just so you can see the pattern. I want soft smooth waves. I don't like how piecey my hair looks here if that makes sense. definition is okay but not pieceyness. like my made up words


and then what should I be using and doing to get beautiful hair?

I included pics of hair that I like.