I did a gelatin protein treatment, left it in for an hour, washed it out, conditioned and went to bed. The next morning was straighter than it's ever been in my life. Seriously, it was kind of amazing.

I guess I just need some advice again.
Details: I admit I am very on again/off again about trying to achieve waviness in my hair, but I firmly practice no-cones and no harsh sulfates, so I've got that going for me.
My hair feels dry when I shampoo it, but it looks limp and lifeless when I don't. It is very porous (I color the gray roots monthly) and gets weighed down easily. I started using FSG this week, and it has added a little more body so I can see that being the base for something more successful. Most gels (KMFUM) or mousses (aveda phomollient) make my hair feel and look very dry and dull.
No doubt I need more moisture, but everything I try (suave, GVP balm, nature's gate, desert escense coconut) seems to weigh it down. I don't use a leave-in, that just leads to stringy city.

Any advice from the fellow 2a peeps?