It's amazing how important it is for some women (meaning me ) to have super long hair to feel beautiful, while some women feel perfectly comfortable cutting it all off.

I feel so much more feminine with long hair and am absolutely traumatized when its any shorter than BSL. I wonder why...
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Lol 4 me it's cuz for years I've been hearing how much I look like my older brother so I need the hair to make sure I don't look like a boy after all. But you girl are gorgeous regardless

I'm definitely in. I'm kind of surprised there are no 4a/4b girls on this thread. But I'm like 1/2 an inch from BSL when stretched and will give myself a little less than a year to get it to waist length while stretched. Wish me luck!
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Good luck!! I'm actually a mix of 3c/4a/4b myself and currently I'm MBL strecthed but only SL curly (damn shrinkage lol) My ultimate goal is WSL curly so I guess that equals tail bone stretched? I guess I'll give myself about a year to year and a half to get there, depending on how many trims I get in that time (I've already gotten two this year.) Happy growing ladies!
~MBL curly w/ mostly 4a with a patches of 4b in the front and lil 3c sprinkled in the back~

-I like my men like I love my hair... kinky

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