This This and This! I remember when Afroveda first came out and the products aren't HALF as good as they were during that time. I think her products were the best in the very beginning, she had better ingredients, better formulas... Never had a problem. I'm sticking with Qhem, CJ & Darcy's from now on. No more new vendors unless the stuff is just breathtaking.

@Mzmorenaza - Happy Nappiversary!!!!!
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I've been thinking the same I'm sticking to CJ, Qhemets, and one or 2 staples from other lines like AO mandarin magic, UFDCM, and Tresemme naturals

although I'm dying to try the b.a.s.k. line thanks to NEA and Chicago Kinks
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It's worth trying, Mzmorenaza. Very nice line.
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I agree this is a good line, I'm really liking this stuff.

I can't say that I will back off from trying new lines and start-up businesses. I already don't hesitate to file a complaint if I even "suspect" my items won't arrive.

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